Monday, August 23, 2010

Awesome Walgreen's Deals!

So, I've been reading some of my fave savings blogs and thought I would share the savings I found today at Walgreens!

As you can see I got Dawn dish liquid, Listerine Zero, and Colgate all fro .97 cents! Being that I am not working yet after our move to Texas I have really had to get creative with our budget. We were getting to where we were about to need all three items & thanks to those wonderful saving's blogs, and coupon clipping (store & manufacturer) I was able to save $10.70!!!! I am just ecstatic!

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Walgreen's Deals!

I have always loved Walgreen's...can manage to get such great deals!  But, this is an ultimate...a completely free 8X10! They are having a thing called 7 day's of deals...this is day 1! I just ordered a print I had been wanting to blow up but kept forgetting! So, enjoy the 7 days of deals! :D

Saturday, August 14, 2010

Great week at Randalls!

So, I am totally new to couponing, but am so excited about my week's savings at Randalls (& other places around town)!

Total Before Savings: 96.53
Card Savings: 23.36
Coupon Savings: 21.51
Total Savings: 46.92
Total Paid Out: 51.66
Save 48%

I would have save over 50% however, I had a weak moment and bought my daughter soem iced coffees that were not on sale :-/ Should have left her at home like she wanted! :P But, I got only all name brand items and had a coupon for almost everything! I was really proud of myself! :)

Also, my daughter and I did back to school shopping on Thursday. We went to Aeropostale and she got three shirts that she has been wanting so badly, but I was holding off so they wouldn't get worn before school...well, it paid off. I spent 22.92 and saved 45.33. One shirt was on sale for 50% off the other two were two for $18 and I had a 30% friends and family coupon from my email! Next, we went to TJ Maxx where I got a $50 dress for her for $20, and Ross where all the shirts she wanted (3) retailed for $24 or more a piece fro $21.59.  All are in fashion as we went to Dillard's right after and literally saw the exact same shirts selling for full price!

Well, I think that wraps up this week's savings!