Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Day 1

So, yesterday, after having a great eating day a friend of mine gives me a jar of Nutella. She saw it on sale and knows how much I love Nutella so she picked it up. I came home and after cooking a very healthy dinner of chicken stirfry I proceeded to eat pretty much the entire jar of nutella on my own (my daughter had 3 tablespoons). So, I felt this was my rock bottom as far as sweets go. I now know I have a problem. So, I have decided I am going to go on a journey to become healthier. Today was day one.
Breafast: fried egg sandwich with half a piece of havarti melted on it served on a half a piece of a sandwich thin with strawberries
Lunch: I had a can of progresso chicken soup with extra fiber and some oyster crackers
Snack: Airhead and strawberries
Dinner: I was invited to the above friends house for dinner and we had salad, manwich on potatoe rolls and applesauce. There were VERY tempting mini banana splits that I did NOT eat.

I also took an extra few minutes for myself and went running, I did three miles.  It was good and when I was done I wish I had done four. So, my goal tomorrow will be four miles.

My goal here isn't necessarily to lose weight but to be healthier and set goals for myself so I will never be just stagnant. Stagnant is boring and who wants to stay the same?! So, here's to change!


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